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TechSimulater celebrates the launch of DFT

DFT was a very quickly thought of and overnight project that came to the CEO. Khurram came across this idea when thinking that since, he cannot drink due to his cultural and religious values, what if he could still taste it. Therefore, came up with DFT. He immediately started getting in contact with several suppliers and manufacturers to find out if this could be possible and after successfully getting what he was looking for he decided to open the store. 

Now, what you need to take from this is that within just 2 weeks an A-Level student and already businessmen who is the CEO of two big companies, now immediately launches his third brand. Isn't that cool?

This company is thought to be registered as Not-for-Profit so, that all profit goes to agencies helping people with Alcoholic's liver disease in the UK to help decrease the fatal number of deaths caused every day, every week, every month and every year. See, they all add up. 

This business also, helps two types of people, one of which are the youngsters who want to drink alcohol but are scared for their future due to the very harmful side effects of Alcohol. Two, older people or pregnant women looking for temporary alcohol substitutes. 

But Heh, doesn't mean it doesn't help alcoholics from getting off Alcohol. 

Plus DFT also, offers Tobacco, Nicotine and Additive free Cigarettes and Cigars also, known as Herbal Cigarettes and Cigars. 

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