What is DFT about? 

So, in simple terminology DFT is your most convenient supplier of booze. But there's a catch DFT stands for Drug Free Taste therefore, all drinks sold on DFT are 100% Alcohol Free.

We Specialise in providing you all the taste and swag at the cheapest price but with the most options. 

We work with big market brands such as Heineken and Carlsberg to provide you the taste you desire but without the Alcohol. 

The constant research into Alcohol and Tobacco based drugs is showing its side effects hence, why we provide you everything but without the Alcohol. 

Modern Style

Here at DFT things are done differently. Our CEO being a 17 year old businessmen also, the owner of TechSimulater and Heelo. 

Khurram Asif coming from a culture where Alcohol is not accepted he is bringing the UK and the world its own Drug Free Taste store where you are granted the taste but without the Alcohol. 

Khurram is a big taste fan and whatever has taste he will enjoy therefore, to break the boundaries this time he brings to you DFT. 

We are working to provide countries again Alcohol, its substitute. Also, our aim is to provide the young generation of today the drink they want since they are gaining the real awareness of the side effects of Alcohol.